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Accordingly, we decided to do the research, education and training - to become licensed, Professional Private Investigators (aka, “PI’s”.) You read that right. Fact Firm.com) to do precisely that, sort out truth from fiction, make it affordable to the everyday person, and to help parents like ourselves- mostly women- sort things out.

In fact, in all but a handful of states, Private Investigators are required to be tested on their knowledge of the law, background checked by the State Bureau of Investigation, fingerprinted, and licensed to operate.As it turns out, we learned quickly that given the majority of licensed PI’s around the country are men, there was a huge deficit of women in the business, whom many clients - obviously including females, wives and moms - were reluctant to approach, for fear that the PI might think their case was too “petty” or trivial. One mom who recently retained us, explained during the client intake process that her husband was adamant there was no possible way their 16-year old son was texting and driving as she suspected.Secondly, the dad refused to believe their teen could possibly be disobeying the “limited license” laws that in most states, require drivers for their first year behind the wheel to have no individuals in the car with them other than family or siblings.Meeting people online and at a personal level are two different situations with different experiences.Some would say one is great over the other, while some preach against it.

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