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It should have been more of a pit, and they could have given us a play feature with that than the chomping beak.

I would have liked to see this with an extra minifig (maybe Luke or a Gamorrean guard) even if that means they bump the price to .99 or .99.

W zestawie są cztery minifigurki i broń (w tym miecz zielonego ninja i wskaźnik laserowy Garmadona), dzięki czemu zabawa będzie jeszcze ciekawsza.

This is an amazing set, for the price of £44.99 you get 544 pieces, which is a good price per part ratio, which make the made build of the set and 4 minifigures. Dont get me wrong, it's a nice and huge set, but of course it has some flaws.

Garmandon has the same leg and torso prints as in his other variations (excluding his minifigure pack versions) and in this set it's the only way to get his cloak.

Wu appears to be the exact same across all the sets, so if you're looking to just get him, I'd recommend looking at the Master Falls or minifigure line for him. I have the previous, brick built dragons (70734, 70736, 70602, 70593), but those are all from the european mithology, with wings. But that means nothing, lets see what do we have here.

Charlie is essentially just your average grunt character.

Pomóż Hanowi Solo pokonać Bobę Fetta i strażnika barki, zanim jego przyjaciel spadnie z deski prosto w zabójcze szczęki Sarlacca — pożeracza minifigurek.

The desert skiff itself looks great – I love the railings, both the stiff and the bendable ones.

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