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Well Oracle ADF Skinning is the first port of call.

Even with simple skinning you can create some really nice looking interfaces, just look at an Australian Health Website and

I thought I’d put together a showcase of websites that use web tableaus for you.

Here are a few sites that use web tableaus: Every single thing a web designer does should be meaningful.

For that you'll probably need some custom javascript and CSS3.

Oracle ADF supports a client side javascript API which allows you to add your own javascript and thus you can create and invoke client side javascript to hide and show canvases etc..

But handcrafted, customized apparel is what makes Wootten different from the big, incumbent fashion brands that get their products mass-manufactured in some undisclosed factory.

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:-), this is where 3rd party libraries come to the rescue.

A good discussion point for this is Wootten — a company that creates handmade shoes and other leather products.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, just by looking at their merchandise, you wouldn’t be able to know or appreciate that real people painstakingly make all Wootten products.

In it, you’ll find 30 great examples of different approaches and styles that can help get your creative juices flowing.

features a rich blue pattern made up of transparent dots.

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