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If you have traveled in a Indian public transport you would have noticed that the majority of people love to talk. The most noise you can hear is from music leaking out of the headphones from your neighbor. In India if you travel with the same person in the bus by the second day you would have had a nice chat with them?

Talk to each other, talk to their maids on the phone, talk to the bus conductor, talk to the person sitting in the next bus or just moan about the conditions of road during the monsoon. Here even after 2 years traveling together in the same train sitting next to each other for 6months you would be lucky to exchange a smile.

Suffering in silence, I consider myself good looking, dress well smell good and fit.

I am an Indian IT man working in London and this has been my story of travel in London trains.During all this time I tried to get close to her physically.Just so that she was comfortable with me entering her personal space.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.London Train Encounter London can be a very harsh place; especially if you are from India or sub-continent.

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