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— BASIC FORMULAE — 263 433 115 i^P^i^l^ ^n^^-im^ P^HMHB Tegin 12% 3.5 20 Mineral Oil 2 Glycerin 5 5 5 Alcohol 5 Spermaceti 5 Menthol 0.2 Water 75.9 86.3 Tegosept P 0.1 Cost per Ib 7 V^ # 2 i/2 ^ Cream or Lotion. If, in exceptional cases, it is found that the dispersion is not satisfactory, the process of melting and cooling with agitation may be repeated. Goldschmidt Corporation - " 153 WAVERLY PLACE NEW YORK 2260 East I5th St., Los Angeles 4910 W. The Tegin P preparations listed be- low all contain trielhanolamine; but, they are practically neutral. — FORMULAE — v In completing the following preparations, use the formula referred to in each instance and which will be found at the end of this list. One-half of 1% Tegolan adds much to the value of cosmetics. — PROCEDURE — The ingredients for the cream or ointment together with the water, but without the perfume, are weighed into a Single Container and brought to a boil and stirred until cool. Louis 80 Boylston St., Boston 372 Bay St., Toronto 325 W. Tegin P, in itself, will give neutral Creams; such Creams, however, are better when our regulär Tegin is used as the base. and added by degrees to the legm P emulsion, stirring all the time. Therefore, Tegacid is establishing itself as the ideal base for the modern type of greaseless cream having an acid reaction. — FORMULAE — In completing the following preparations, use the formula referred to in each instance and which will be found at the end of this list. The sur- iace of the skin contains about 14% free and 2% combined cholesterols. They impart to Protegin X its emulsifying power« whereby it will form Creams without the aid of any fatty acids and alkalies. Lipsticks: Use 3% Iso-Lan to improve color dispersion and gloss. Each ad- dition of water should be stirred in completely before further additions are made. The active ingredients of Protegin X, namely, the cholesterols, are all extracted from lanolin. Lemon Cream: Add 0.5% citric acid plus lemon odor to any Protegin X or Iso-Lan formulae. 905 20% 10 3 5 4 10 732 22% 25 3 100 96-C 5 45 20 30 20 0.5 48 43 29.5 50 153/4^ 17^ 13^ 13^ C. slowly add the water (also at the same tem- perature) in small amounts. j I i 5//^ f6(^A(b XNG cor ^^^ SLGJA/e C5 /^5g^/9v^ / /■■Y LOPrt Ai NE Q-^eoa uuil^enshin PROFE3S(»ONAL. , Tegin prevents sweating and im- proves the slip of lipsticks, mascaras and rouges. ^ — FORMULAE — In completing the suggested formulae, consult the Basic Formulae following this list. It produces liquid or Cream emulsions of the oil-in-water type. The ingredients in the second group, along with any oil-soluble additions should be heated to 60"C. Since it is a known fact that the secretion of the skin is decidedly acid, the trend is away from alkaline Creams. It is a brownish-yellow wax, having a crystalline fracture. Tegolan is especially recom- mended as a source of Cholesterin because it contains 33% free and 7% combined cholesterols, giving it a Cholesterin value of 40%. Atlanta -TEGIN P- (Brand of Propylene Glycol Monostearate) Tegin P comes in the form of a wax-like substance whose melting point is about 40'C. The four products in the first group, along with any water-soluble ingredients which may be added, should be brought to a boil and stirred until cooled to 60"C (140T). a -TEGACID- Tegacid is a waxy substance prepared from glyceryl monostearate (Tegin) which has been treated to with- stand the addition of acids and acid-reacting substances. It is of the class of prod- ucts frequently referred to as Lanolin Alcohol or pure Oxycholesterin Base.

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Für die Leser der HAUSFRAU und alle ihre Freunde wird am 13. 433 as such or with 2% oleic acid and 1% triethanolamine. Sun Tan Cream: Add 8% menthyl salicylate or phenyl ethyl salicylate to No. Sun Tan Lotion: Add 8% menthyl salicylate to No 157 and reduce mineral oil to 16%. 157 add 5% Iso-Lan Vanishing Cream, Pearly: Formula 333. As with Protegin X, all of Iso-Lan's active ingredients are extracted from lanolin. Iso-Lan is a semi-Uquid at room temperature, and in appearance« re- sembles lanolin but is less tacky and odoriferous than the latter product. — BASIC FORMULAE — M _90E 191 267 98B Tegacid 1 5 % Glycerin 3 Spermaceti 5 Mineral Oil Titanium Oxide 3 Petrolatum Lanolin „ Lemon luice Citric Acid Salicylic Acid Lactic Acid Peroxide (100 vol.)_ Tegosept P _ Water _ 74 Cost per Ib 10.5^ Cream or Lotion C. Injection Solutions Irish Moss Preparations Lipsticks Lotions Malt Extract " " 0.08 0.15 0.15 0.2 0.15 -f or 0.05 0.15 0.1 Milk Preparations Milk, Skimmed, Solutioi L. SOLUTIONS: 15% Vegetablo Oils™ 30% Vegetablo Oils.... HOW SHIPPED AND ROUTE TERMS: TERMS APPROVEO PRICE APPROVEO CALCULATIONS CHECKED TRANSPORTATION FREl Gh T BILL NO. Gums, Powdered Hair Preparations „ Hydrogen Peroxide „„ „.. SOLD TO ^-^ SHIPPED TO AND DESTINATION DATE SHIPPED CAR INITIALS AND NO.

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