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I gave this same treatment to her left nipple and covered her mouth with my hand so she wouldn't scream and wake my daughters up.

I kept alternating between her breasts and her head writhed back and forth in ecstasy.

I held them together with my hands and moved my mouth from one sensitive nipple to the other. I knew I could only take so much of this treatment and I soon let loose and creamed her insides.Allison looked at me knowingly before getting up off the couch and telling me to lie on my back.She quickly straddled me, saying "you've been so good to me."Ahem" I said suddenly before crossing my arms and displaying a stern expression. She was really getting into it and I suggested she take her top off, as it was a hot day and being topless would make her more comfortable.She quickly complied and whipped her top off, revealing a pair of perfectly shaped breasts.

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