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Photographer and urban explorer Daniel Marbaix explains that, based on headstones which he found in the house, most of the family was killed in an auto accident, and the remaining lady of the estate died shortly afterward.

The 17,000-square-foot home known as Jackling House was abandoned by Apple founder Steve Jobs in 2000.

After Perelson's two smaller children were removed from the property, authorities simply locked the doors to the 5000-square-foot home.

A year later, the house and its original contents were sold in a probate auction to Emily and Julian Enriquez.

The mansion, built in 1925 for copper magnate Daniel Cowan Jackling, was purchased by Jobs in the '80s and was a private residence for about a decade before becoming a rental property and finally falling into disrepair.

In 2004, Jobs made plans to raze the Jacking House and build a more modern family home in its place, but was met with resistance from local preservationists.

The Carleton Villa was built in 1894 for typewriter magnate William Wyckoff as a summer residence and large spot for entertaining.

Wycoff's wife died of a heart attack a month before he moved in, and on his first night in the mansion he suffered a heart attack in his sleep and died.

The whereabouts of the occupants are unknown and, oddly, urban explorers and looters have steered clear of the home, leaving it largely intact.Wycoff's youngest son inherited the villa after his father's death, but within a few years the family lost much of their fortune in the Great Depression and the house fell into disrepair.The villa was sold to General Electric, who planned to demolish it.Materials from the home were offered to anyone who would salvage them, so stained glass windows and whole sections of flooring were removed.Soon, World War II intervened and General Electric abandoned the property entirely.

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