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I want you to know that you’re not alone, and it’s ok to feel this way. For some people, once their spouse gets bitten by the triathlete bug as they call it, they want to try it out too. Maybe you’d be like the couples in Matt’s triathlon club that both train and race. The important thing is to be involved somehow and show your support. When he makes his training schedule for the week or month, he will ask me about activities we have coming up, so his workouts don’t interfere or mess up our plans.

I have a love-hate relationship with triathlon for a variety of reasons. If you’re like me and you have no interest in doing it yourself, then don’t. Even though he might still have 3 hours of training to do on a Saturday, I appreciate him asking when the most convenient time would be for him to do it. When Matt first started getting up at 5am to exercise before work, my usual bedtime was 11pm or 12am.

I remember telling him, “You should find a hobby.” In the summer of 2010, his mom randomly asked him if he wanted to sign up for a local triathlon taking place a few weeks later. My hobbies still include reading and crafts, as well as leisurely walks outside in the sunshine.

I think you could say Matt and my hobbies are polar opposites.

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Over the years though, our bedtimes have gradually shifted so now, we both go to bed around or 10pm. I don’t get up with him at 5am usually; I’m less of a morning person than he is.

But even the simple act of going to bed at the same time has done wonders for making us feel like our lives are more in sync. And if you don’t want to go to bed at 10pm, that’s ok too. Triathlon is an expensive sport and chances are there is always more gear on your spouse’s “List”.

I’ve always taken after my dad, and had an abundance of hobbies I enjoy.

I love to read, and I love just about any kind of craft project or DIY adventure.

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